Factory & shop

With us, you can speak directly with the jeweler and discuss everything from repairing jewelery to drawing and planning your own designed jewellery. Our diamond expert is also present daily, and can answer all types of questions about this precious stone.

We have silversmiths who are happy to advise you on how to maintain and repair your silver. If you're lucky, you'll meet one of our masters who has worked here for 45 years, and get a piece of history along the way.

Arven is located at Sandbrogaten 11, just behind Bryggen in central Bergen. Here we have a shop and production premises. Here are sturdy, old wooden cupboards guarding delicious and adorable silverware. Over 100-year-old machines work side by side with modern technology and innovative people to create beautiful products that inspire and excite.

Through a 40 meter long glass wall,
you can see how our silversmiths and goldsmiths work.

Here, large, powerful machines punch out new taxes every day. The whole house literally rumbles and shakes when the machines are running. You can see for yourself how our silversmiths and goldsmiths work and you can shop Norwegian design. At Arven, you get close to the production, and we who work here warmly welcome you.