Bryggen coin pendant in gilt silver with chain

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Bryggen coin pendant in gilt silver with gilt chain from Arven.

The original Bryggen coin was found during an archaeological excavation under the Bryggen in Bergen in the 1950s. The coin was minted in 1512 in Brandenburg-Franken by Margrave Friedrich de of Ansbach. On one side of the myth a saint is depicted and on the opposite side there are four coats of arms. The brew mint is great to wear alone as it is, or layered with several pieces of jewelry.

The Bryggen coin is delivered in a nice box together with a card where the history of the coin is described.

A gold-plated silver chain of 45 cm is included.


Material: 925 Sterling silver, gold-plated

Chain: 45 cm

Item number: 608227
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