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Arven 1868

Arven has a long history in the production of gold and silver that stretches back to 1868. Today, Arven is Norway's oldest gold and silver manufacturer with production, workshop and base in Bergen. Arven is a manufacturer, supplier and retailer of beautiful jewelery in gold and silver, silver cutlery and silver interiors.

with Arven it is the people who carry the knowledge, not the tool

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We have started our green journey

100% recycled gold & silver

Our goal at Arven is to make products of the highest quality with the lowest possible impact on the environment. We have started on our green journey, where large parts of our range are made from 100% recycled gold and silver.

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Re-useability that counts

Arven Vintage

In line with our journey towards greener production, we at Arven have opened up the possibility of buying gold and silver jewelery and objects from our customers. You can read more about the service here.

Large parts of the gold and silver we buy are sent for smelting and refining at our supplier in Norway, which in turn means that we can use the gold and silver in our production. Sometimes we come across beautiful jewellery, silver cutlery and silver interiors in good condition, which we don't have the heart to let go to smelting and refining. These treasures became the way to the Arven Vintage concept. Arven Vintage is nicely used gold and silver jewellery, silver cutlery and silver interiors that we quality check, make minor repairs on, clean and polish for resale in our store and online store. The idea behind Arven Vintage is to make it possible for everyone to buy gold and silver at a more affordable price. The goods in Arven Vintage are completely unique and up to 70% cheaper than corresponding current goods in the shops. The concept has taken off and is very popular with our customers. Take a look at our treasures here.

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