Chubby children's spoon

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Jacob designed "Chubby" for his own daughter in the 50s. He made the cutlery so that it would fit perfectly in his daughter's small, chubby children's hands.
Each individual spoon is now handcrafted locally by skilled silversmiths at Arven in the silver city of Bergen. Silver cutlery has antibacterial properties and is therefore very suitable for children.
These are beautiful, durable and functional gifts and are perfect for christenings, name parties and birthdays.

Maintenance: When it is not in use, it is best stored in the dark in acid-free plastic. Can be used extensively. Polished if necessary. Dishwasher safe

The Lubben children's cutlery series in silver was designed by the Norwegian jeweler Jacob Tostrup Prytz.
Jacob was a Norwegian goldsmith, applied artist and headmaster at the state's craft and art industry school. He is described as one of the leading figures in the Norwegian craft and design environment in the interwar period. He had his big breakthrough with the collection he designed for Norway's Jubilee Exhibition in Kristiania in 1914. He also organized exhibitions, wrote and published and was a board member of the Art Industry Museum in Oslo. Through teaching, he played an important role in the rise of Norwegian handicrafts, particularly significant was the influence he had on Norwegian goldsmith's art in the 1920s and 1930s.
His work in the 1920s was characterized by functionalism, and at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937, his company received 3 awards for works by his hand.
The Jacob Prize is named after him, and he himself became the first recipient. He was appointed a knight of the Order of St. Olav as early as 1931, and became an honorary member of the National Association of Norwegian Applied Arts in 1948, received the Norwegian Goldsmiths' Association badge of honor and was an honorary member of Danish and Swedish applied arts organisations. His works can be found in the three Norwegian art industry museums. He also received the Order of Dannebro, the Order of the North Star, the Order of the White Rose of Finland, the Order of Leopold and the Legion of Honour.

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