3 questions about 17.maisloops

3 questions about 17.maisloops

The birch is popping, the sun is warming, the evenings are getting brighter and longer. The sure signs of spring come every year and mark the prelude to the whole of Norway's birthday, 17 May. The day is celebrated across the country with children's trains, the royal family on the castle balcony and colorful bunads as far as the eye can see. We look forward to this day of freedom and bask in freshly ironed shirts and newly purchased party dresses, big and small.

Question 1: Which side should the 17.mais loop be on?

We don't have numbers on how many times we have been asked the question: Which side should the 17.maisløyfen actually sit on? The answer is quite simple; on the left side, closest to the heart, you must wear this fine national symbol with pride throughout the day.

Whether the bow is new or old, short or long, with or without extra decorations, does not matter. The most important thing is the symbolism in the loop.

Question 2: 17.corn loop on bunad?

At least as often, we get asked if it is okay to use the 17th corn loop on the bunade? Opinions are divided here. Some believe it is completely "illegal" to decorate the bunad with an additional bow. But more and more people believe that it is up to each individual to decide whether they want to decorate their national costume with a bow. We don't want to be a bunad police and think, like the last ones, that it is up to each individual to decide this for themselves. Perhaps a loop of the Elvesæter type can be inside, even for the bunad police? Here, the pattern is taken from the wood carvings around the doors at the farm Elvesæter in Bøverdalen. It is so nationally romantic and great in a bunad, we think. What do you think?

Why do Bergens have such long May 17 bows?

Bergens love to celebrate May 17. They go in processions that are filled with all kinds of juggling from schools, associations, teams and choirs. Everyone must join! The adults have at least as much fun as the children in a Bergen May 17 celebration. And have you noticed that some Bergens have very long bows? This has roots back to 1850 and was meant to mark the wearer's prosperity. The longer the loop, the more prosperous. Some had bows that reached all the way down to the ground!

Today, it is rather a funny thing in Bergen that people choose long bows instead of short ones. But they are beautiful in any case.

If you would like to take a look at Arven's 17th corn lanes, click here .

Have a wonderful May 17 and decorate yourself with your bow!