When we celebrate our 150th anniversary this year, we want to look ahead. That is why we are now launching an elegant silver candlestick together with Andreas Engesvik, one of Scandinavia's most renowned designers. The candlestick is Arven's anniversary product and has been named Liv after the designer's daughter. It will be made in 150 copies and will be numbered and signed by Andreas Engesvik. 

This beautiful handmade product is a great example of what can be achieved when you combine modern design and craftsmanship techniques carried out by skilled professionals. Each candle holder goes through five crafts before it is finished. The production time for each candlestick is a total of five hours. This is craftsmanship at its best. Life is made to last, made to be cherished for generation after generation.

Andreas Engesvik about the anniversary candlestick Liv:

With Liv, I wanted to design a contemporary, neat and beautiful candlestick. Silver is a wonderful material, and in Liv we have shown different ways of processing and shaping the silver. 

Life has a design motif that is as much linked to nature as it is to man-made culture and technology. The candle holder itself can be read in terms of form as a floral motif. This "Knoppen" consists of free lines and creates associations with nature. 

The cone-shaped rod is straight and geometric in shape – more mechanically produced (turned, ground and soldered) and thus the opposite of the knob or candle holder. The barrel is a mixture of the knob and the rod, as it consists of both free lines and a geometric shape.

« The candle holder creates beautiful reflections and reflections of everything that takes place in a meal where people are gathered. »

We have chosen to use many different and complicated techniques. The candle holder itself is cast and polished, the rod - which is cone-shaped, is rolled and soldered, and the barrel - which is as round as it is square, is punched with a soldered edge and base. There are visible traces of handwork in each candlestick, each candlestick is handmade and with its small differences.

The degree of precision and the shape of the light holder have several functions. The candlestick must be a beautiful and interesting object even outside of use - i.e. without candles. With candles, the candle holder must form a unity with the candle. 

The dish itself is linked in terms of form to the table surface. The shape and base of the dish contribute to the dish's light and elegant appearance. The dish also collects candle wax if the candle drips or runs.

The candle holder also creates beautiful reflections and reflections of everything that takes place during a meal where people are gathered.

All 150 copies of the Liv candlestick have been sold.