We buy your gold and silver

We buy your gold and silver

If you have gold or silver that is broken, outdated and you don't want to use it yourself, we at Arven can offer to buy it from you and you can benefit from some extra money in your account or perhaps something new that you want from our rich product range instead? We buy all silver and gold by weight and guarantee competitive prices and insured shipping for your peace of mind.

Do you have silver or gold that you want to sell? It's that safe and simple:

For those of you who live in Bergen:

Visit our shop and workshop at Sandbrogaten 11, just behind Bryggen in central Bergen. We have free parking for our customers at the back of the building.
Our opening hours are: Monday to Friday 10-17 and Saturdays 10-14.
For those of you who live elsewhere in the country:

  1. Order a starter pack from Arven BY PRESSING HERE . Within a few days you will receive a shipment with an address label, our terms and conditions and further information about the trade.
  2. Wrap the silver or gold well before sending it. Use e.g. tissue paper or bubble wrap that prevents the metal from scraping against each other. Fill in the agreement and include it in the shipment. Please pack in a box and tape well. Stick on the address label and deliver to the nearest Post office in store. Postage is paid, the shipment can be tracked and the contents are insured for up to NOK 100,000.
  3. When we receive the package from you, we will make a value assessment and give you a price offer. This will take approx. 3 weeks. We will send you the valuation by e-mail. You can choose between two different price options; a price if you want direct payment to your bank account or a slightly higher price if you choose to withdraw the value in goods or services at Arven. You can see our updated prices for gold and silver BY PRESSING HERE .

Do you have questions about buying or selling used gold and silver?

Take a look at our list of frequently asked questions below, or contact us on tel: 55551440 or post@arven.no

Why are there different price ranges for silver?

Silver is measured in parts per thousand or thousandths. Pure silver is very soft and is no longer used to make products, but can be found in silver bars and old coins. There are mainly two types of silver qualities on the Norwegian market today, 830S and 925S. This means that respectively 83.0% and 92.5% of the objects are pure silver, the rest are other alloys that have been added to make the silver harder. Objects marked with 925S (typically jewellery) thus contain more pure silver than objects marked with 830S (like cutlery, candlesticks, bowls).

How long will it take before I receive payment?

As soon as Arven receives your shipment, we will get down to business by checking and valuing your items. This can take some time, especially if there is a lot of traffic, or there are complicated items (stones that have to be taken out of jewellery, candlesticks/vases that have to be emptied of filler before weighing, etc.), but we work as quickly as we can and we promise you a reply with a price offer by email within 3 weeks. As soon as you accept the price offer, we will transfer the money to your bank account.

Is it safe to send gold and silver by post?

Yes, it is completely safe if you use the address label we send you. The contents of the package are then insured for up to NOK 100,000. Pack the contents as well and securely as you can, so that they do not move inside the package.

How do I know that the items I buy from Arven Vintage are real gold or silver?

Arven has the country's longest experience in the production of silver cutlery and a unique expertise in both gold and silverware. We have skilled professionals who inspect, test and process each individual item with expert hands. Arven Vintage encloses a certificate of quality that guarantees the gold or silver quality of the item you are buying.

How is the weight of my silver and gold calculated?

The weight of your silver and gold that you read on your kitchen scale at home may differ from that calculated by Arven. Why is it like that?

Some items have attached stones or pearls. We recommend that you remove these before submission. Some silverware has filler in the shafts and sockets, for example knives and candlesticks. The inheritance will deduct the weight of stones, pearls and filler in silverware such as knives, vases, candlesticks. Arven then weighs the goods exactly on approved scales when they arrive at us, so you can be sure that this will be correct.