Lars Beller Fjetland's philosophy as a designer is deeply rooted in his upbringing in western Norway; a fondness for nature's raw materials shaped in a functionalist expression characterizes the designer's approach. The core of his philosophy is the desire to create both a timeless expression and lasting products.

Through an immediate and honest idiom, the designer's signature emerges; a sophisticated approach to modern sustainability.

Beller always seeks to cultivate natural materials and their most prominent qualities. The weight of stone, the steadfastness of cast iron and the warmth and softness of cork. His products have been created in these processes, in the discovery of the interaction and contrasts that can arise when different qualities and materialities are united.

In 2011 he opened his own studio in Bergen, and the following year the breakthrough came with the launch of four products at the annual Salone Del Mobile fair in Milan. In the years 2012 – 2018, Lars Beller Fjetland has won both Norwegian and international awards for his work.

Working with materials in their purest form - and seeing the materials achieve useful value and beautiful form expressions by virtue of their most basic qualities - has been my driving motivation as a designer for as long as he can remember.

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