You have probably experienced it yourself - rings, necklaces and earrings simply become dull and get black dirt between the links and clasps and not least on the back of the rings? It's a bit strange, you think, considering that you both shower and wash your hands with your jewelery on? Then they should keep themselves clean and tidy, right? Why is it not so?


Happy to advise you
We have had a chat with our skilled goldsmith Per Danielsen (60), who has worked in the profession for 45 years and has seen most of the dirty, worn and damaged jewellery. He happily gives you advice on what can be done to avoid this: "Your jewelery can last almost forever if you take good care of it. With regular cleaning and checking for possible wear, your jewelery will give you as much as when it was brand new year after year."

Do it yourself
But if your jewelery has first become dirty, what can you do yourself and what do you need professional help for? Per explains: "Perfume, skin creams and soap get coated on your jewellery. It can also dull stones and damage pearls. Therefore, you should take off your jewelery when you wash your hands, shower or wash the dishes. But I know that it is not always so easy to remember in a busy everyday life." The goldsmith winks slyly and smiles. He knows his customers well after many years in the business.

He continues: "Please use a soft toothbrush and water when cleaning your jewelery yourself. Then you will not damage either metal, stones or pearls. If you can't get them clean this way, you can try using some jewelery cleaner. We are happy to help you find the right type for your particular jewellery. Here you have to be careful whether your jewelery has pearls or stones.

But what if your jewelery still doesn't turn out pretty after you've tried these tips yourself? Then we simply recommend a visit to Per or one of our other skilled jewelers for a real cleaning in our "magical" ultrasonic bath. After a light polishing afterwards and a round of rhodium plating if it is white gold, your jewelery will shine as if it were brand new.

Welcome inside!