Why we give silver as a gift to the christening child

Why we give silver as a gift to the christening child

Whether you're going to arrange it yourself or you're invited to a christening or naming party for a little boy or girl, the question of gifts quickly comes up. What do you want for the pod? What should you give as a godfather, grandmother, uncle or family friend?

The options are many for lasting memories of the little one's big day - beautiful jewellery, great children's books, shares, money in the bank account, art... the ideas are almost endless. But a sure hit and an eternal favorite on the gift table for the little one, are gifts in silver. Why is it like that?
This tradition of giving silver to babies is many hundreds of years old. It is rooted in the desire to give the child a gift of considerable value and giving silver was seen as a good investment that would ensure the child's independence in the future. Therefore, silverware such as cutlery, cups, bowls and rattles were popular gifts for the little one, and they are to this day.

Silver lasts forever

A silver gift has an almost infinite duration. It does not wear out, and can be passed down from generation to generation. If it gets dented or broken, it can be repaired if you wish, but some choose to keep the charming bite marks from the baby on jewellery, spoons and cups. This is part of the item's history.
By the way, did you know that silver is antibacterial and the safest thing a child can eat with? Let the child have their own spoon and fork that they know are only theirs - give them a permanent place in the kitchen drawer and use the cutlery for all meals.

Sustainable gift

Did you know that 100% of all the silver we use in the production of new goods is recovered from old silver objects? Silver is probably one of the raw materials that is reused the most. Damaged objects are sent for remelting and new, beautiful silverware is made from the material. This is how the material is reused and contributes to a good circular economy.

A memory for life

One of the most important functions of a gift for a christening or naming party is that it should be a lifetime memory of this important event in the child's life. Some gifts are distinctive children's products, such as silver rattles, baby spoons with engraved birth data or a small bracelet. But it can also be an idea to think a little more timeless so that the gift can also be used when the child grows up. It's nice to be able to use a piece of jewelery or silver cutlery you received at your christening even when you're an adult. This can be good to keep in mind when choosing a christening gift.

Make it personal with engraving

Engraving is a great way to personalize a gift. You can engrave a greeting to the godchild on almost any silver object. One of the most popular gift products for children is Arvens Storkespoon . This is over 100 years old and has been given for births, baptisms, name days and birthdays for generations. On this, you engrave the child's name and date of birth on a beautiful background motif. In addition, you can have a personal greeting engraved, e.g. "Greetings from great-grandmother"

Think differently and uniquely

How about a slightly different gift idea that will surely be noticed on the gift table, and which will be used forever and be a very personal memory from you as the giver?

Give a cake fork to the godchild with a completely unique engraving on the back? If you are a sponsor or have another close relationship with the child, could this be the start of an annual gift tradition until confirmation? For example, a new cake fork for every birthday with the same engraving or a new text every year?

To help you along the way, we have made some suggestions for what can be engraved for the child. Here, the only limits are your imagination (and a bit of space):

• Love you
• Follow your heart
• Let the adventure begin
• Laugh every day
• Play for life
• You are good enough
• Welcome to the world – it's yours
• Look forward
• Live life
• Enjoy life - eat cake (on a cake fork)
• Enjoy life - eat ice cream (on an ice cream scoop)
• Life is meant to be lived
• Aunty can stand hearing more than parents...
• It will be alright
• You'll never walk alone (from the Liverpool supporter)
• Or how about a personal greeting of your own that means something very special to you?

The possibilities are endless! Of course, you can also have the child's name and date of baptism/name day engraved.

If you need gift ideas for the little one, feel free to take a look at our ideas for girls and boys .

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We will be happy to help you and wrap it nicely with beautiful paper and silk ribbon if you wish. We can also arrange cards. The gift can be sent directly to the recipient if this is easier for you.