When silver and precious stones play the main role

When silver and precious stones play the main role


A lovely melting pot of creativity, cheerfulness and Scandinavian aesthetics comes tumbling over us as we open the door to Vera & Kyte's inspiring design studio at Verftet in Bergen.

Out here at the end of Bergen, in an office with rough beams and the foaming or sparkling sea right outside the window, the two renowned and award-winning designers have created a bright and delicate universe that has been added with interesting splashes of color in the form of furniture, products and interior solutions. Several of the products have received appropriate publicity both at home and abroad and the creative duo have also designed for major manufacturers such as Roll & Hill, Bolia, Northern and Fram Oslo. Now they have been able to develop themselves with nobler materials and in collaboration with Arven, Vera & Kyte have created an absolutely fantastic jewelery collection! Here you can read about the idea behind the collection and about the process in this design collaboration.

How is an idea born?

We proceed quite analytically. It may sound boring, but for us it is a complex and exciting process. It begins with a mission or a problem to be solved. We must take into account the material, the market situation, the target group and the manufacturer's premises. In this case with the jewelery collection for Arven, we wanted to use our background in furniture and product design to add something new to this segment. We did a broad survey of what existed before to get to know the market better. We wanted the jewelery for Arven to be distinctive and to stand out . We worked to add a mobility that gave them more possibilities of use. Balance and counterbalance became a recurring theme for the collection. Testing and modeling products in such a small size was a new challenge. Paper models, 3D prints and enlarged prototypes of the forms were good aids.

What thoughts and ideas are behind this collection? And what did you come up with after this initial round of analysis and insight?

We often work with simple geometric shapes, and we wanted to explore that design language further in the jewelery collection. Movement, clean lines and delicate colors continue. Shiny silver cones interact with hexagonal jewelery bars and circular shapes in locks and pendants. The pure graphic expression in the silver is enhanced by the spherical gemstones in gorgeous colours. In the collaboration with Arven, it was important that the silver was in focus and not given the role of frame or stand for the stones. We wanted to create an even interaction where materials and forms are in balance.

Both the design language and the colors in the collection are very Vera & Kyte. What would you say is your signature? Even though you have created many different products and solutions, you can still see a clear common thread.

We have a fundamental curiosity for form, materials, colors and people that drive us forward. As a Norwegian design studio, we stand in a long and strong Scandinavian design tradition characterized by clean lines, natural materials and functionality. Our work builds on these values ​​and experiments with modern material and color palettes in objects adapted to our times which are often characterized by a brightly colored minimalist playfulness.

What is your own relationship with jewelry?

For us, it is important that the jewelery we use is usable, that it can be worn every day and for parties. That has also been the aim of this collection. It's nice to have jewelery that is minimalist, but still makes a statement, there must be a bit of a wow effect!

How has the collaboration with Arven been?

It has simply been a dream! Having the producer so close, just a short trip across Vågen with Beffen, has been absolutely fantastic. The proximity has given us great advantages, both in terms of efficiency and communication. Silver has been a new material for us, and jewelery is clearly the smallest format we have worked with in terms of dimensions. The contact with the craftsmen has been invaluable. We have had the opportunity to test different solutions and ideas in close collaboration. This is how we have it was also able to work with the important details in a very good dialogue and learned to know the material and the craft in a unique way. We also have to admit that as Bergens it is extra great to be able to take part in lifting the city's silver heritage further with our collaboration.

Have you learned anything from this collaboration?

To the highest degree! Initially we got an incredibly impressive  introduction to the history of Arvens. From before we were aware that Bergen has been an important silver city, but now we got really good insight. Through an archive of books dating back to the 19th century, which were filled with old sketches by previously well-known designers, we got an experience of history and an insight into the technical and artisanal possibilities the collaboration could offer.  This gave us enormous motivation to contribute with our design in the continuation of Arven's already rich history. And we have to admit that we cheered a little extra when we learned that it was a jewelery collection they wanted us to design!

In the work on the collection, many unexpected issues arose, such as when we discovered how demanding it is to achieve a flexible and seemingly simple movement as the longest piece of jewelery in the collection. The circular spot through which the chain slides acts as a pulley. On the outside, it looks simple and unfussy, but on the inside, a locking mechanism has been specially designed by Arven's craftsmen. The collaboration has been characterized by an incredibly good dialogue between us as designers and Arven as a producer. The mutual trust, that they trust our sense of form and that we have deep respect for Arven's expertise in craftsmanship, has led to beautiful products that we are very proud of!

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