We are proud of our collaboration with Lars Tornøe, one of Norway's most exciting designers.

Tornøe has worked with furniture and product design since 2006. He collaborates with renowned manufacturers in various product categories, such as Muuto (you've probably seen The Dots), Vestre, Fora Form, Figgjo and now also Arven. Tornøe's work is often shown at international exhibitions and he has won a number of awards, including the Mark for good design from DOGA, the Red Dot Award and Designer of the Year by Bo Bedre.

Lars got to know Arven through two assignments for Bocuse d'Or, the world's most prestigious cooking competition. He was given the task of drawing the parts on which the food would be presented and Arven had been chosen as the producer of the silver details.

In the wake of the competition, we wanted to continue the collaboration and create a product that is suitable for production in slightly larger quantities. The result was Pinch,  a set of small, personal cups for salt and pepper which can of course also be used for other spices. The small bowls are designed with your fingers in mind to pinch, e.g. salt and sprinkle over the food.

Lars about Pinch:

The starting point for the body is a cylinder with a generous rounding down towards the table. This transition means that the side and bottom of the bowl are perceived as a continuous surface. The rounding gives the product a friendly design language and can arouse the desire to pick it up and feel the pleasant shapes.

The actual contact surface in the bowls is a concave parabola that is deep enough to hold some spices, but shallow enough to easily reach with your fingers. The edge at the top of the bowl is relatively sharp, both to mark the distinction between inside and outside, but also to give more control if you want to pick up the whole bowl and pour directly over the food.

What I like best about this product is holding the bowl in your hand and feeling the weight of solid metal, it gives an experience of quality and robustness. The product is also experienced much more personally than, for example, a vase or lamp, where physical contact is not as natural.

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