Silver for the confirmand

Silver for the confirmand

Do you have a confirmation in the house this year? Whether you are organizing the confirmation yourself or are invited to a dear family member, we have personal and unique gifts that are sure to please the teenager.


Confirmation is an important event in young people's lives and it is nice that it is marked in a solemn and festive way. The confirmant looks forward to the big day for a long time and likes to take part in the preparations, buy clothes and invite guests. But some people probably also think that it can be a little scary to stand in the center of a big party, and are perhaps a little nervous about giving their first proper speech. Much will be experienced for the first time on this day and the confirmation is an occasion that most people will remember forever.

Wide selection

Therefore, it is also great to be able to give the young confirmatory a special gift that will both be noticed on the day, as well as lasting and bringing back good memories afterwards. Many people want money for graduation, and it can of course be nice to give the teenager a financial boost that can be used for whatever he or she wants. But it is often the other gifts that evoke the special memories and good feelings from a day like this. And then it can be fun to put some thought into choosing the gift and show that you have had him or her in mind when you have chosen a gift with a personal touch. A gift that will last forever and create good memories for the confirmand in the future.
Arven has a good selection of jewelry and other products that are popular with the confirmands. These are memories that will last a lifetime and will not lose their appearance or value.
But if you want to be much more personal and creative, we recommend choosing silver cutlery. Yes, you read that right! Silverware might not be at the top of your teenager's wish list, don't you think? But done in the right way, this will be a cool and unique gift that can bring both smiles and joy to the confirmand - both now and in the future.

Digs a personal greeting

Take for example a jam spoon or a pair of cake forks and digs something nice or funny for the confirmand on the back. The spoon can be used with anything else that the table needs to be covered with and the recipient will always have a funny story to tell about that one spoon, cake fork or cheese grater.

To help you along the way, we have made some suggestions for what can be engraved for the confirmand. Here, the only limits are your imagination (and a bit of space):

● Follow your heart, but take your brain with you
● Either it goes well, or it ends
● Let the adventure begin
● Congratulations on the rest of your life

Or how about a personal greeting of your own that means something special to you and the confirmand?

The possibilities are endless! Of course, you can also have the confirmatory's name and confirmation date engraved. 


Feel free to contact us via our website or by phone 55551440 , email: , Messenger or DM on Instagram if you want help choosing the perfect graduation gift.

We will be happy to help you and wrap it nicely with beautiful paper and silk ribbon if you wish. The gift can be sent directly to the recipient if desired.