Tapas with a silver touch

Tapas with a silver touch

Are you as fond of tapas as we are? These delicious, tasty small dishes that invite social gatherings, good conversations and moments at the table that only end in the wee hours?

Tapas is a Spanish food tradition that we have put our love into up here in the north too. Tapas can be just as formal or informal as you make it yourself - feel free to vary with both the table setting, decorations and, not least, the serving cutlery! If you want to make a little extra out of the tapas, you can find what you have of small and medium-sized serving pieces in silver from drawers and cupboards. It doesn't matter if it's not the same pattern or matches perfectly. Feel free to mix old and new silver together with wooden and ceramic serving pieces. It will be just great!

We at Arven have found lovely pieces of cutlery that are perfect for your tapas service. They are sure to impress your guests. They are also great as gifts for all occasions. Comes with a wooden skewer that is perfect for presenting a delicious piece of cheese or some delicious ham. See all sets here .

Noble tapas set comes with a beautiful cheese knife and fork for ham.

Eye-catcher: Fantastic Double Rococo tapas cutlery is a guaranteed eye-catcher on the table.