Arven prioritizes the environment

Arven prioritizes the environment

Our goal at Arven is to make products of the highest quality with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Arven uses a holistic approach that aims to reduce the negative environmental impact across all parts of our production. We believe that sustainable development is about balancing social, environmental and economic principles. We want to contribute proactively to reducing the impact of the major environmental challenges facing our planet. We want to meet these challenges through innovation and to make positive changes for the good of our customers, employees and the industry as a whole.

Little environmental impact

Every piece of jewellery, every piece of cutlery is made with longevity in mind, from design to prototyping, development and production. We value natural resources highly and aim to be environmentally conscious in every step of the production process. Our strategy is focused on solid craftsmanship, increased traceability of materials and 100% use of recycled metals, while ensuring ethical and sustainable business practices.

Recycled metals

We use silver and gold in our jewelery and cutlery, so this is the most effective place to start our journey towards circularity. Since gold and silver are renewable resources, they can be recycled repeatedly without losing either value or purity. We actually use 100% recycled silver and gold!

A complete transition to recycled silver and gold has reduced our carbon footprint and water consumption along with other environmental and social impacts. Recycled silver is approximately 10 times less carbon intensive than conventional silver, and recycled gold is 25 times less carbon intensive than conventional gold.


For many decades, Arven has had the same diamond supplier for use in our jewellery. This is important to ensure both good and consistent quality of the stones, but also the security that the diamonds have been procured in an ethically sound manner. We will only use diamonds that our supplier can document the origin of.


Although we have a deep respect and love for traditional techniques for the production of gold and silver products, we see that our industry needs innovative solutions to develop, become more efficient and reduce the impact on the environment. A few years ago, we took the plunge and started working on this internally. Our employees today use both digital design programs and 3D printers.

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