Iconic jewelery from Bergen - Bryggemynten

Iconic jewelery from Bergen - Bryggemynten

The historic coin is an iconic piece of jewelery for the people of Bergen and everyone else who has a close relationship with the city between the seven mountains.

The original coin was found during an archaeological excavation at Bryggen in Bergen in the 1950s. Little did the archaeologist who 70 years ago lay on all fours and dug with great care know that precisely his find would become a piece of jewelry that has only increased in popularity as the years have gone by. The coin is currently on display at the Bryggen Museum in Bergen and can be viewed there together with other archaeological treasures.

The coin was minted in 1512 in Brandenburg-Franken in Germany by Margrave Friedrich de of Ansbach. On one side a saint is depicted, on the other side there are four coats of arms.

This is a distinctive and beautiful piece of jewelery that both he and she wear with pride. Each individual coin is handcrafted by our skilled jewelers at Arven, a stone's throw from where it was originally found in its day.

The coin is available in both silver and gold. See all the variants here .