Are you missing a fork for the dinner party?

Are you missing a fork for the dinner party?

Arven Vintage might be able to help you!

(A true story from reality, told by Lise Redfern, general manager of Arven)

I have experienced this myself. I have set the table for my long-awaited girlfriend's evening, creativity has been allowed to unfold, I have decorated with fresh flowers, my latest crockery, plenty of wine and water glasses and the linen napkins are decorated with fun decorations on each plate.

The silverware is just as natural as the candles on the table to make it all perfect. I have found what I have of my beloved Anitra silver cutlery inherited from my grandmother and gifts for christenings, birthdays and Christmas. But then... "I need one fork to cover all the guests with silver!" What am I doing? I don't have particularly high shoulders when it comes to evenings with friends, so I might as well have found a steel fork and put on the last envelope. But it somehow doesn't feel quite right. And precisely in such situations, Arven Vintage has the perfect solution!

Arven Vintage offers nicely used silver cutlery and gold jewellery . These are products that customers have sold to Arven because they themselves no longer want them. There are many fine, unique treasures to be found here.

But for me, right now, the most interesting thing is to find an Anitra dinner fork for my table. I quickly click into Arven Vintage's site and find the fork I'm looking for. I buy it quickly and easily in the online store and choose to drive by Arven's store in central Bergen to pick it up before the guests arrive. Agile! In addition, I get the fork at a significantly lower price than if I had bought a new one - the used one costs NOK 545, and a new fork costs NOK 1,405. I save a total of NOK 860 (!) and can rather treat my guests to some extra good wine! The fork looks almost brand new, it has been professionally polished by the skilled employees at Arven. It is at least as nice as the other forks I have at home and fits perfectly into the collection.

The evening was perfect in every way, with delicious chatter and good friends, delicious food and plenty of wine. Can heartily recommend!

And if you should be missing a fork or two... then you know where to find help!