Heritage vintage

Heritage vintage

We at Arven are genuinely concerned with circular economy, environmental considerations and promoting good craftsmanship and traditions. We encourage the use of both great silver cutlery and beautiful gold jewellery. That is why we now offer our customers to buy nicely used silverware and jewelery that has been quality checked, cleaned and polished by our skilled employees, so that new owners can enjoy it for many years to come. And if you have something lying around that you no longer use, we can also accept it. In this way, we at Arven promote reuse. We have collected this under the name Arven Vintage.

Add to your own collection or give as a gift

Are you missing parts for your own collection of silver cutlery? Would it be nice to have some slightly unique serving pieces that matched your cutlery? Want to get more for your money than you do by buying brand new silverware? Many people prefer to give nicely used and refurbished silver cutlery and other silver items as gifts. Take a look at our selection of used silver cutlery and maybe you will find what you are looking for there?
Arven regularly receives cutlery and jewelery that the owner no longer wants to use himself. Some are broken and quite worn, and this is sent to be remelted to make new silver cutlery and new jewellery. But some of what is delivered, we think is so beautiful that it is selected for restoration, so that you as a customer can have the opportunity to buy it. We think this is a better solution for everyone, not least the environment. See our selection of gold jewellery , silver cutlery and other silver items . 

Our expertise – your peace of mind

You can safely buy silver cutlery and gold jewelery from Arven Vintage. Our skilled silversmiths and goldsmiths have checked the quality, cleaned and polished each individual item before it is offered for sale in our store and online store. Arven is the country's oldest producer of silver cutlery with more than 150 years of history. We are one of very few businesses that still make high-quality products in silver and gold in our own factory and workshop in Bergen.

Arven buys your gold and silver, read more about it here

Perfect as a gift

If you want to give your purchase as a gift, we also offer nice gift boxes and wrap beautifully - completely free of charge! Just tick the box when checking out in the online store that you want the item gift-wrapped. We will also include information that the item comes from Arven Vintage, that it is made of real silver or gold, and that it has been quality checked, cleaned and polished and ready to be used by its new owner!


Do you want to shop at Arven Vintage?

You can do that simply and easily either in our online store or visit us in Arven's beautiful premises at Sandbrogaten 11, just behind Bryggen, in Bergen. Here you will be able to see the same items that are available in the online store. We have free parking for our customers at the back of the building. Our opening hours are: Monday to Friday 10-17 and Saturdays 10-14.