Cutlery box

Cutlery box

A cutlery box is a lovely, beautiful storage for your silver cutlery. It is a piece of jewelery in itself, in addition to being practically furnished and adapted to each individual piece of cutlery. We sell the box both filled with beautiful silver cutlery in a pattern of your choice and without contents.

1 product
  • 1 product
    Cutlery box in wood, black without cutlery
    Regular price 12.900 kr

    A great wooden storage box for storing silverware.

    The cutlery drawer has space for:

    12 large tablespoons, 12 large dinner forks, 12 large dinner knives, 12 steak knives.

    12 dessert spoons, 12 cake forks, 12 teaspoons.

    12 fishing knives, 12 fishing forks.

    1 cake scoop, 1 pie scoop, 1 sauce ladle, 1 soup ladle.

    1 cutting set, knife and fork.

    1 cutlery set, spoon and fork.

    Item number: 1019
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