Monstera serving cutlery-2 parts

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Salad cutlery 2 parts in the Monstera design.

Monstera is made of solid sterling silver, 925S.

Monstera was designed by Lars Beller Fjetland in 2016. Monstera is an asymmetrical serving cutlery in silver inspired by unfinished sketches from the 50s. The designer found the sketches in the archives of Arven. Both the weight and the design of the serving cutlery means that the salad cutlery fits well in the hands. Monstera was exhibited for the first time at the Norwegian Structure exhibition during Design Week in Milan in April 2016. Since then, Monstera has been exhibited at Design Week in New York and the Structure exhibition at Oslo Design Fair. Monstera was nominated for Bo Bedre's design award in 2016.

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