Repair your gold and silver

Repair your gold and silver

New life in old treasures - we help you

From the silver spoon you received as a christening present to the cream jug you inherited from great-grandmother - do you have a lot of silver in drawers and cupboards that needs a little love? At Arven, you can have small and large objects repaired, restored and polished by our skilled craftsmen.

As the years go by, you may have built up a nice collection of jewelery and silver at home? However, old silverware can be fragile and the need for maintenance may eventually show up - especially if it is very old.

- It is a shame if beautiful jewelery and other silverware is left unused because it is damaged or discoloured. With us, we can fix and tailor most things, whether you need to tailor a ring or repair a broken cake fork, says Lise Redfern, managing director of Arven.

Shop and workshop side by side

Just behind Bryggen at Sandbrogaten 11, you will find both a comprehensive shop and workshop with experienced craftsmen. Behind a simple glass wall in the room sit Arven's goldsmiths and silversmiths. It makes it possible for customers to get in direct contact with those who carry out the work.

- Instead of sitting hidden and inaccessible in the back room, we want to create a natural dialogue between customers and craftsmen. In our premises, the shop and the workshop are therefore strategically placed next to each other so that you can see the craftsmen at work and easily get in touch with them if you need to.

One of the craftsmen is Janne Brandtzæg. With a journeyman's certificate as both a goldsmith, silversmith and hand engraver, she has a unique and broad expertise in the field. It comes in handy when customers want specially adapted solutions.

- In everyday work, I have to be solution-oriented and look for opportunities where others would perhaps prefer to give up. In most cases we can repair the item according to the customer's wishes, but in cases where this is not possible, I always try to find a solution anyway. I think many of the customers really appreciate that.

Take care of the memories

Together with the rest of the gang in the workshop, she receives items both from private individuals, churches and larger businesses. Whether big or small, everything is handled with care and consideration.

- For me, it is important to treat everything we receive at the workshop with respect. Among other things, we are one of the few businesses in Norway that is approved to handle church silver. But the sugar bowl you inherited from your grandmother is just as important to us! Although it may not be worth that much in terms of monetary value, it can still be very valuable to its owner with a high affection value. Helping such memories live on is not something I take lightly, says Janne.

At Arven, they have expertise in most things within silver and gold. A silver spoon that is broken in the middle can, for example, be soldered back on. The spoon will be almost like new and no one will see that it has ever been broken.

- We always start by examining the item we have received. Is it real silver or made of other metals, for example? If it is an inheritance, it is not certain that the customer knows where it comes from or who made it, so we always do such research before we start. In addition to being fixed and repaired, the object also goes through a process where it is ground, silvered and polished, so that the metal becomes shiny and shiny and good as new again.

Do you have something that should be repaired, restored or polished? This is how you get started:

For those of you who live in Bergen: Visit our shop and workshop at Sandbrogaten 11 , just behind Bryggen in the center of Bergen. We have free parking for our customers at the back of the building. Our opening hours are: Monday to Friday 10-17 and Saturdays 10-14.

For those of you who live elsewhere in the country and want to send your items to us:

We recommend the service Choose "large package", then your shipment is insured for up to NOK 10,000. You can deliver the package to all stores that have PostNord. The items are sent to: Arven AS, Sandbrogaten 11, 5003 Bergen.

If you choose another shipping method, make sure that you send the package with the possibility of tracking. Then it is important that you send it to Arven AS, PO Box 172 Sandviken, 5812 Bergen.

Price offer

When your item has arrived at our workshop, we will prepare a price offer for you. This will be sent to you for approval before we start the work.

Repair and return

One of our skilled silversmiths and jewelers will repair your items at an agreed price. We will contact you if there are any questions. All items are repaired locally at our workshop and you are most welcome to visit our shop and experience center to see our skilled craftsmen at work.

When is the item finished?

You will be contacted when the items are finished and ready for delivery or collection. If we are going to send it to you, we will of course also do this free of charge.

How much does it cost?

It costs NOK 350 to have a price offer drawn up (the discount does not apply to this amount). This sum will be deducted from the invoice if the price offer is accepted. click here to order.