This is the best way to take care of your silver cutlery

This is the best way to take care of your silver cutlery

From the dark and rustic, to the bright and shiny. Are you ready to put your legacy to use? We give you our best tips - and dispel some myths along the way.

Silver is a living metal and beautiful in all its facets. Don't leave it hidden in the back of the cupboard until next Christmas. Instead, put it in the cutlery drawer, on the table and in the dishwasher. Silver can withstand a lot - it just needs a little care every now and then.
Did you know that silver can be sprayed, dipped and polished? See how the metal changes between your fingers as you stroke it with a cleaning cloth . The expression changes dramatically and the cutlery regains its shiny elegance and splendor.

Showcase your heritage

As a symbol of a long life with good experiences, like fine lines and wrinkles in a well-lived face. It's your family's history that shows in every little nick and scratch. Show off your heritage and keep it around you. It is yours and can never be replaced.

But even though we are happy with our silver, there are not as many people who have it on display and use it in everyday life. Perhaps you are unsure whether the silver can withstand everyday use or are afraid that it will add flavor to the food? We've taken a closer look at the most common myths about silver.

7 myths about silver

1. Silver becomes ugly if it is not wrapped in plastic or boxes.

This is not right. Silver stays at least as well if it is easily accessible and is used and washed often. Then you actually don't have to brush it as often!
Silver does not react to being in contact with oxygen, as many people think (which is why it packs well in boxes and plastic). Discolouration of silver actually comes as a reaction to various substances in the air such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and chlorine (CI). Hydrogen sulfide can come from several sources; like for example. in the oil from a fingerprint or when there is hydrogen sulphide in the air, which is not unusual.

2. Silver cutlery cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

Yes, it can! And that's actually what we recommend you do. It is both gentle on the silver and easy for you. Our experience is that Sun washing-up liquid works very well in combination with silver. Just make sure the silver doesn't come into contact with the steel. If you have very old knives (from before 1965), this is the only thing you should be careful about washing in the machine. Get in touch with our silversmiths, and you will get advice if you are in doubt.

3. The silver cutlery must be polished every time you use it.

No, not if you use it regularly and preferably every day. Then it stays prettier for longer and you don't need to polish it more than once in a while.

4. The silver cutlery imparts flavor to the food.

No, in fact, silver is a metal that has no taste at all. So if you want the very best taste experience, you should eat with silver.
The exception that confirms the rule: Avoid eating eggs and lutefisk with silver cutlery. These two foods contain substances that react with silver and discolour it.
By the way, did you know that silver is antibacterial? Good to think about when feeding babies and small children - we recommend silver cutlery for this reason.

5. It is difficult to keep silverware shiny and nice.

If silver is used and washed regularly, it will also stay shiny and pretty for longer. If you go over with a cleaning cloth adapted to silverware every now and then, this is mostly what is needed. But if your silver cutlery has first become discolored, there are many good means to get it shiny again, everything from liquid dip to foams and creams.
And remember - it's easier to clean cutlery that is slightly discolored than to wait until it has become very dark, so make it a small routine to look over the silver regularly (if you don't use it everyday, then...) .

6. I can't use the silver cutlery except for Christmas, because I'm afraid it will wear out.

No, this does not entail correctness. Silver is a precious metal and it lasts almost forever. It doesn't wear out, but it can of course get damage from use like anything else, tines on the fork can become crooked and spoons can be bent by hard-handed use or a little too hard ice cream.

7. Silver cutlery cannot be left in the kitchen drawer together with other cutlery, as it will become discoloured.

No, this is not right. Silver cutlery is not damaged or discolored by contact with other cutlery in drawers and cupboards. It tolerates it well, but of course normal signs of use can occur on silver cutlery - just like on other cutlery.

See which products we recommend using for your silver cutlery.

For everyday use: Use your silver cutlery every day. The food tastes even better and maybe the everyday dinner is raised a bit?

If you have any questions for us, please get in touch or telephone 55 55 14 40, and we will help you.